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Hi there!


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What is MUSE ME?
It is a source of inspiration covering everything from fashion, travels, randomness, creative projects and now my jewelry designs. Expect to see a mix of old and new.

Some of the concepts that MUSE ME:
- Style: classic with a whisk of modern, tablespoon of French girl meets London lad with a hint of bohemian
- 20s-80s
- Classic Movies
- William Egglestone
- Karaoke
- The month of October
- Anything minimalist
- Bright Colors
- Traveling
- Anything with stars and moons
- Scarves
- Nature
- Architecture
- Evil eyes and Hamsa hands (watch out!)
The list goes on….
Thank you so much for stopping by MUSE ME.
My name is Alejandra Cook, my friends call me Ale (Ale in Spanish and Ally in English, both are acceptable except for literally, ALE)
…..I studied Fashion Merchandise and minored in Business Administration a million years ago and was lucky enough to work in the industry right after graduating. I've worn many hats and have found many passions along the way from: graphic design, marketing, pr, photography, art & creative direction, event planning (hats off to all event planners, I'm pretty sure it's the reason I have white hairs) and even accounting (no thanks). But, my true passion? Design. I started making jewelry then switched to handbags and clothes - I have yet to master the sewing machine to be honest- and switched to jewelry design once again. It wasn't until recently I found an undiscovered love for statement jewelry. It all started with my obsession with the work of visual artist Thelma Lugo that inspired me to create a jewelry collection based on the style of one particular painting: Queen of Hear.

So here I am, ecstatically thrilled to share my creations and I look forward to share the evolution of this journey with you- AND hope to inspire/ amuse you aka MUSE you!

Art/Creative Direction isn't just about putting a cute outfit together and photographing it against random walls. It's about understanding the collection presented and bringing out an original personality in each piece. It's selecting the appropriate models, photographers, the mood, surroundings, hair/MU while staying on brand.
I curate, style and occasionally photograph each shoot to accurately showcase each brand I work with. Feel free to contact me for your next shoot!
Expect the good ole' phrase “everything old is new again” to resonate throughout the blog and designs.
Inspired by the past to freshen up the present, jewelry designs are one of a kind and at times I will only make a few of each.
Occasionally, some earrings are composed of new and old pieces of recycled jewelry. Why? Because, we could all be a little more Eco-friendly by being creative in using the old in totally new and exciting ways.
So, let's work together!
If you want to upscale jewelry you don't use but love the beads or the pendant for instance- send it over and I will re-design it.
#jewelrymakestheoutfit #keyingredients
Hope you enjoy my designs and my blog as much as I have enjoyed creating them!